Update Your Google My Business Profile

There is no doubt about it! You MUST have an informative, updated and noticeable Google My Business profile…. It is the way forward. Call me in Plymouth if you need help! 07307 607395

I’ve been using GMB for a few years and get a lot of traffic from Google search.

If you have a product for sale then you really must upload a photograph to your website or get your Search Engine Marketing person to work on it. This all works well with local seach.

Click here and read all about it > @google https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/small-business/spruce-your-business-profile-holiday/

Get there first before your competition and win!

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Don’t Cheat Google….

And if you are thinking about trying please stop!

I’m David and I live in Plymouth, England and have been in the SEO business for two decades, since the days a top position could be bought for 5 cents (US) I lived in California then and did well on the search engine of the time … GoTo.com . I’ve seen it all and have always avoided trying to play games with Google search. Please don’t think about it AND if anyone offers you tons of backlinks say goodbye . Forever.

I’ve just looked at a random Web Designer and SEO website (not in the UK or USA) and their SEO page is awful and surely must get a ding from Google. Every other word is “SEO” this and “SEO” that! About 20 times on a web page of about three paragraphs. It makes really stupid reading and will just encourage new businesses with sparkly new websites to go down this route of cheating…. It doesn’t work long term and I’m sure there are Google employee’s taking great delight in demoting the naughty “players”.

I have to say if you need some real decent advice and SEO you wouldn’t go far wrong in asking me… I’m David and I’m here for you….

Mobile = best 07307 607395
Landline = annoying (way too many people say that I’ve been in a car crash recently….Grrr – Just leave a message on 01752 773549

Take it easy !

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