Main telephone number all new and through the 3 Network. 07307 607395
Also reachable by appointment through Skype = davidcantswim

Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset SEO Services

Frequently Asked SEO and Google Search Questions:

Q: Are you COVID 19 aware?
A: First of all everything I do is COVID 19 friendly. I use Google Meet, Skype or Facebook Messenger to speak with you and need no face to face interaction. I make it all simple with no risk at all.

Q. I want to be number one on Google Search what will it cost me?
A: (Nice smile) It all depends on what you are selling, your wishes and what your budget is.

Q. Are there ways I can get “seen” more in Google searches for my business? My budget is low.
A: I get asked this a lot. Yes there are many ways to get seen for free but you must do as I say and do it frequently. I can take good care of you here. Businesses with a product to sell can do really well here. Estate Agents, Car Dealers (especially used cars), I know of many small businesses that do well in the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall area

Q: Do you set up and look after Google Ads?
A: Yes! I have a Google Approved online console where I can manage your paid ads without seeing your credit card details. It’s simple for me to set up with just a very short wait to approve me to manage your account. I do not need to see your credit card and Google doesn’t allow this.

Q: I have a WordPress website is that OK for SEO?
A: Yes! Great! WordPress is my absolute favourite website builder. I will have to check out the website code and how to better your ranking before committing myself to an SEO job first though. I do not lie so trust what I have to say 🙂

Q: How much do you charge for a full SEO WordPress job?
A: It depends on how many “parts” I see that can be made to work well with Google. Sometimes there are many and sometimes it’s a breeze. Usually it’s all in the middle somewhere and my fee would reflect that. I do charge way lower than others as I quite enjoy doing SEO and have done since 1999.

Q: Can you help me on a monthly basis?
A: My pleasure! This would enable us to put our heads together and get your rankings and products seen more on Google. I can be left alone to just do it as well! Ask for a reference here >>>>> www.linkedin.com/in/davidcantswim

Q: What is your lowest fee?
A: £80!

More FAQs coming soon
Thanks for stopping by, David in Plymouth = mobile 07307 607395

No landline available. It’s pointless when mobile works best. PLUS there are no tiresome dodgy calls day in and day out. We use EE for our computers and iPads and 3 network for our mobile phones

David Cant Swim SEO Services
Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall
Call: 07307 607395
E Mail: David

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