Frequently Asked SEO and Google Search Questions:

Q: Are you COVID 19 aware?
A: First of all everything I do is COVID 19 friendly. I use Google Meet or Messenger to speak with you and need no face to face interaction. I make it all simple with no risk at all.

Q. I want to be number one on Google Search what will it cost me?
A: (Nice smile) It all depends on what you are selling and what your budget is.

Q. Are there ways I can get “seen” more in Google searches for my business? My budget is low.
A: I get asked this a lot. Yes there are many ways to get seen for free but you must do as I say and do it frequently. I can take good care of you here. Businesses with a product to sell can do really well here. Estate Agents, Car Dealers (especially used cars), I know of many small businesses that do well in the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall are

Q: Do you set up and look after Google Ads?
A: Yes! I have a Google Approved online console where I can manage your paid ads without seeing your credit card details. It’s simple for me to set up.

Q: I have a WordPress website is that OK for SEO?
A: Yes! Great! WordPress is my absolute favourite website builder. I will have to check out the website code and how to better your ranking before committing myself to an SEO job first though. I do not lie so trust what I have to say 🙂

Q: How much do you charge for a full SEO WordPress job?
A: It depends on how many “parts” I see that can be made to work well with Google. Sometimes there are many and sometimes it’s a breeze. Usually it’s all in the middle somewhere and my fee would reflect that. I do charge way lower than others as I quite enjoy doing SEO and have done since 1999.

Q: Can you help me on a monthly basis?
A: My pleasure! This would enable us to put our heads together and get your rankings and products seen more on Google. I can be left alone to just do it as well! Ask for a reference here!

Q: What is your lowest fee?
A: £40!

More FAQs coming soon
Thanks for stopping by, David in Plymouth = mobile 07307 607395

David Cant Swim SEO Services
Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall
Call: 07307 607395
E Mail: David

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