Don’t Cheat Google….

And if you are thinking about trying please stop!

I’m David and I live in Plymouth, England and have been in the SEO business for two decades, since the days a top position could be bought for 5 cents (US) I lived in California then and did well on the search engine of the time … . I’ve seen it all and have always avoided trying to play games with Google search. Please don’t think about it AND if anyone offers you tons of backlinks say goodbye . Forever.

I’ve just looked at a random Web Designer and SEO website (not in the UK or USA) and their SEO page is awful and surely must get a ding from Google. Every other word is “SEO” this and “SEO” that! About 20 times on a web page of about three paragraphs. It makes really stupid reading and will just encourage new businesses with sparkly new websites to go down this route of cheating…. It doesn’t work long term and I’m sure there are Google employee’s taking great delight in demoting the naughty “players”.

I have to say if you need some real decent advice and SEO you wouldn’t go far wrong in asking me… I’m David and I’m here for you….

Mobile = best 07307 607395
Landline = annoying (way too many people say that I’ve been in a car crash recently….Grrr – Just leave a message on 01752 773549

Take it easy !

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Lockdown 2 SEO by David

Hello! Once again we find ourselves (in England) stuck at home and going for strolls in our beautiful neighbourhood of Manadon Park here in Plymouth, Devon.

I get bored easily and can’t be out there taking photographs or shopping so have decided to help anyone with SEO (search engine optimization) wherever you are.

We can meet and chat via Zoom or my favourite Google Meet almost anytime. I’m a very casual person and am available often! Just let me know.

Mobile always on ‘phone: 07307 607395
Landline I don’t answer: 01752 773549

Cheers and stay safe/keep well

SEO in 2020 Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall…

Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) still relevant in 2020?

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Short answer: YES! SEO is more important than ever! It’s still one of the most potent digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results. …

There are many, many businesses worried about their business with the thought that COVID 19 will not go away…. Quite right we’re worried too!

BUT! Now is the time for businesses to be well ranked on Google Search so as you can rebound faster and be in front of potential customers whilst they are searching.

If you need quick inexpensive help call me on 07307 607395 or email David